Owned and managed by Thomas and Emma Eastwood, Broughton Outdoor Products aims to provide a wealth of specialist equipment and knowledge for professionals in the arborist, forestry and landscaping fields.

A fully qualified, experienced and still practicing climber who has experience working with a felling team in commercial plantations and who has run and completed landscaping projects, Tom has been at the sharp end (excuse the pun) of the industries and hopes to be able to relay some experience to our customers to ensure that they receive the equipment that is most fit for purpose for their application.

We have painstakingly researched the market and have identified the best quality products for arborist, forestry and landscaping applications.  So whether you are a climber, an estate manager, a forestry contractor, a landscaper or a domestic gardener, we have the specialist apparatus for you and your team to complete the job safely with the assurance that you are buying the most suitable, the most cost effective and the best quality available. 

We know the importance of health and safety in these potentially hazardous occupations and the reliance that one puts upon their equipment and as such is an important part of a professionals arsenal.  We want you to be thrilled with your purchases.   Our portfolio of products includes well respected and recognised brands including Pfanner, Haix, Meindl, Sugihara, Treemotion, Petzl, DMM, Edelrid, Marlow and Silky to name but a few.  For a full brand list please click here.

Our philosophy is very simple… 

  • We will only stock products which we would be happy buying and relying on ourselves
  • We endeavour to deliver great customer service and aim to be as flexible as possible

We hope that you enjoy browsing our online shop and if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here, call us on 01452730550 or email info@broughtonoutdoor.co.uk .  Alternatively call by for coffee and browse the products in our shop.  You never know a piece of Emma’s renowned homemade cake may also be available!!